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Building Materials Sales, Channel and Marketing Services - Tailored to Private Equity

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Article Date: April 23, 2021

Work directly with building materials industry professionals, experienced managing, directing and executing fully integrated marketing, sales and channel programs for building materials investors.

CNVRT is a leading building materials sales, marketing and channel consulting firm offering a full suite of services for Private Equity firms with an existing or planned investment in the building materials industry.

CNVRT consultants possess extensive experience managing and directing building material companies of all sizes and in a variety of categories from the Executive, C-Level, Product Management, Marketing, Sales and Channel levels, including experience in PE.

CNVRT services can be aligned pre-acquisition, post-acquisition and pre-sale.

Services include initial audits; gap analyses; assessments of marketing, sales and channel performance and efficiency; and ROI performance through development of measurable 5-year execution plans tied to KPI’s, emphasizing cash flow improvement, valuation improvement, and organic and opportunistic growth initiatives.

Vince Scarfo – CNVRT CEO is ready to speak to you more about CNVRT, and Private Equity services. Contact Vince to set up an introduction to CNVRT and the team.

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