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CNVRT Launches Yellow Hat: The Ultimate Sales Training Resource for Building Materials Companies

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Article Date: April 5, 2021

Comprehensive Distance and In-Person Training Resource Delivered by Building Materials Experts, Now Available 

CNVRT, an industry-leading consulting firm delivering C-suite, sales, and channel services to the building materials industry, has packaged its existing sales and channel training services into a comprehensive training solution called Yellow Hat.   

Yellow Hat addresses all aspects of training for building materials sales, channel, product management, and marketing teams, including: 

  • Research, an audit, an assessment, and planning to establish a training program. 
  • Development of in-person and distance (LMS) training platforms and solutions. 
  • Adaptable and customizable training solutions developed specifically to a company’s needs.
  • Comprehensive training curriculum designed to evolve as the industry evolves, developed in conjunction with CNVRT’s team of building industry professionals.  
  • The latest cognitive learning and instructional design strategies. 
  • Measurable training platforms. 

Sales and marketing in the building materials industry are evolving at light speed. Consumption habits amongst target audiences have changed and continue to change, and the roles of marketing, sales, product management, and channel have evolved too. Over the past year, the industry has entered a “new normal” environment where remote selling is becoming the desired approach.  

Architects, designers, homebuilders, contractors, distributors, and trades are less interested in a personal touch and more interested in sales resources delivering high levels of impactful value and trusted advisement. These customers are more interested in receiving their information digitally – often via their own research – from a manufacturer’s website. 

There has never been a better time to invest in a training platform adapted to your specific needs, one that can become an evergreen asset to your business as it relates to your marketing, sales, product management, and channel efforts.    

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