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CNVRT Partners with VantEdge


Article Date: May 12, 2020

CNVRT Consulting has formed a strategic partnership with VantEdge eLearning to provide building materials manufacturers access to the industry’s latest training methodologies and practices, including distance training through Learning Management System platforms.

VantEdge eLearning, with offices in New York and Texas, has been providing cutting-edge training solutions to a wide range of industries for over two decades.

The partnership with CNVRT leverages VantEdge’s expertise in training and eLearning with CNVRT’s expertise in the building materials industry.

“CNVRT has been providing training for building materials manufacturer’s sales teams for years. As the role of the building material sales professional has evolved over the last three to five years, the need for more comprehensive in-depth training is now a requirement,” comments Vince Scarfo, CEO, CNVRT Consulting. “These updated training needs have forced building materials manufacturers to explore distance training modules and a learning management system. When you combine those needs with the new normal as we come out of the COVID-19 crisis, the timing could not be better for CNVRT to forge this relationship with VantEdge.”

Building materials manufacturers frequently experience challenges pairing technology with the right LMS, and aligning the curriculum utilized in the platform in a manner that works technologically and from a cognitive learning perspective.

VantEdge President Andrea Bornheim comments, “The CNVRT-VantEdge partnership is a powerful and innovative combination. Pairing the strengths of CNVRT’s building materials sales expertise with the custom, multi-modal e-learning development and LMS capabilities from VantEdge will help clients accelerate sales success. Working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digital learning and place our clients on the best path for success in the industry.”

For more information on CNVRT’s building materials manufacturer training platforms, and what is now available through the partnership with VantEdge, shoot us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions and or address any needs that you have!

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