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Influencing Product Specifications Using Today’s Best Practices

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Article Date: August 5, 2020

In today’s environment of product promotion to architects and designers, development of winning strategies are primary initiatives for building product manufacturers.

“Disseminating to the desired pathways that foster working relationships with architects, specifiers, and designers is the best way to become a trusted advisor,” said Kevin Mayer, CEO of BLD Marketing, and Board Member of CNVRT.

Managing business development strategies that are focused on building influential trusted advisor relationships in project specifications has never been more of a challenge. 

Today, product introduction, research, and early decision-making frequently takes place outside of the business development spectrum. When architects, specifiers, and designers are ready to speak with a company resource, they are looking for trusted advisors that have a robust understanding of the product.

When architects, designers, and specifiers reach out for support, they expect the business development team to be aware of the project, possess the knowledge to address their needs, and be aware of all the steps taken to date.

In the current environment, many architectural and design firms are understaffed and pressed for time. When building materials manufacturers appear uninformed or provide the wrong resource, the project team will quickly move on to a company who is better prepared to support their needs. In many cases, this is your competitor.

Interconnectivity between marketing and sales is not a “nice to have,” but rather a “need to have” in today’s product specification journey. Interconnectivity does not just mean opening up communication channels between marketing and sales. It must also include alignment and interconnectivity of tools, or in other words, digital ecosystem interconnectivity.

In the industry today, a holistic approach to all aspects of marketing and sales interconnectivity is required.

Making the right strategic investments, fine-tuning processes, streamlining resources, and aligning key assets are all critical to success today.

“Building material manufacturers that do not have formalized processes in place for marketing and sales interconnectivity are on the wrong path,” Mayer added.

“In many cases you are discounting your brand when proper levels of interconnectivity are not in place. If you are a sales resource and you have no exposure to what is happening with marketing qualified leads, or a marketing resource with no insight into which leads sales are qualifying and what actions they are taking, your organization will deliver scattered levels of support to your clients. Data must flow seamlessly between your website, marketing automation tools, and CRM tools in order to develop even a baseline for interconnectivity.”

Your team at CNVRT is comprised of a group of passionate construction industry subject matter experts with vast experience implementing and executing today’s best practices for building materials manufacturers.

Building the right level of interconnectivity may seem daunting, but with the right team of experts guiding you step-by-step, it’s achievable.

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