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Selling Into Government Markets Can Create New Revenue Streams

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Article Date: March 6, 2020

Discovering new  markets to sell your company’s products and services can jolt your long-term perspective on growth.

U.S. government buyers –  at the federal and state levels – spent more than $80 billion last year on construction projects, major repairs and alterations, and operations and maintenance on government facilities. Being a federal contractor can provide companies with numerous benefits:

Increased sales, expanded geographical markets, and a client base that provides steady work and consistent pay.  Not only can holding government contracts boost your bottom line, they enhance your reputation and can increase company value. Navigating the world of government procurement rules and regulations can be tricky, but CNVRT has the right skill set to advance your efforts.

“CNVRT can work with BPMs to validate that a viable government market exists and ensure that government sales strategies are seamlessly integrated into their existing marketing and sales efforts,” says Tim Shaw of CNVRT. “  And government business is worth pursuing. These are huge markets that can provide opportunities for companies throughout the entire design and construction value chain. Government business can be an excellent long-term cornerstone for most firms.”

Developing new markets and revenue streams are priority pursuits for all building product manufacturers. The question is, do your marketing and sales strategies include provisions for identifying, pursuing, and winning long-term business with the government?

CNVRT helps clients prepare for and go to work on the government market.  Because it is a transparent market, we can look at the potential opportunities before you enter.  And while this is about driving new sales and revenue, we’ll also work with you to ensure compliance with all government procurement regulations.

The CNVRT team is happy to provide a government market assessment specific to your product portfolio.

CNVRT specializes in the building materials space, utilizing industry subject matter experts with extensive experience. CNVRT can analyze your company’s brand strength and assess your marketing and sales strategies in the government sectors, providing you with extremely valuable intel to mitigate risk, grow brand equity, and increase cash flow.

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