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Trouble Getting Your CRM Off the Ground?


Article Date: March 26, 2020

In the ever-evolving applications and technology space, the advancement of CRM capabilities has been astonishing. CRM tools today have robust feature sets that can provide advanced functionality for building product manufacturer (BPM) sales and marketing teams. This allows them to better manage initiatives and campaigns, while also increasing close ratios and sales effectiveness.

Unfortunately, for many BPMs, a CRM database ends up being just a data repository – no different from the days of old when spreadsheets were used to manage contacts, accounts, and opportunities in various stages.

BPM sales cycles are complex. Maybe the most complex of any B2B industry. And these complexities are where the gaps lie. To effectively utilize the tool, you must align your own unique marketing and sales processes within your CRM. This takes a CRM consultant and implementer who understands your business and possesses rich industry experience, coupled with a CRM plan customized to how your teams execute on sales and marketing efforts. Once this is done, usage rates will increase; data will be used (not just stored); assessment of analytics, metrics, and performance will be streamlined; and marketing and sales interconnectivity will be achieved. Then, resource allocation is optimized, better decisions are made, and more business is closed.

Are you struggling to optimize your CRM investment? Are you planning to engage in a CRM tool for the first time?

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