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Yellow Hat Sales Training is Exactly What We Need

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Article Date: May 6, 2021

A Battle for Relevance, a Pivot from the Handshake

Marketing has pivoted from the handshake, and sales is left to fend for itself.

Research shows that many high-growth building material manufacturers (BMMs) that were executing a digital marketing strategy prior to COVID-19 doubled down on their investment during the pandemic.

“Our marketing teams found ways to remain relevant and bring leads in the door without hand-shaking events like tradeshows and conferences. Sales organizations have also pivoted, but for many BMMs, it’s been a fire drill.

Sales organizations that have traditionally relied on the handshake to conduct business have had to figure out how to engage with clients and prospects in a different manner,” says Vince Scarfo, CEO of CNVRT. “The way we conduct business has forever changed. We have found value in working virtually, and it has changed our world, so the traditional sales 'handshake meeting' needs to evolve as well. This not only means advancements in technology, but in sales training as well.”

To stay relevant, sales organizations must pivot from the handshake to new methods of selling to remain a trusted advisor with their clients. Success will come from a carefully planned, collaborative approach. Today’s salesperson must know what digital activities the client or prospect is carrying out prior to their call, and now, without a handshake, they must find a way to stay relevant throughout the entire life cycle of a project — from the architectural design stages to installation of the product.

This seamless execution will require BMMs to use CRMs more effectively and train sales teams differently. No longer can they rely solely on product training and a few external classes on selling that have no relevance to their specific products or how the business goes to market. A BMM’s sales pivot, like marketing’s pivot to a digital ecosystem, must be a strategically focused investment tailored to the company’s culture, products, and the new ways clients source their products.

You made the investment in marketing. Now make the investment in those that verbally speak to your buyers – the sales team.

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