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You Have a Great Lighting Solution, Now You Need Great Customers

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Article Date: May 6, 2021

Sustainable Lighting Sales Start With a Digital Marketing and Sales Plan

According to AIA, 85% of an architect’s buying journey was conducted online in 2020. Think about your personal life – from clothes, to appliances, and even groceries. What percent of your buying is now done online?

Does your digital ecosystem enable those searching for a lighting solution to find you? If so, once they do find you, do you offer an easy-to-navigate digital journey specific to their needs?

Whether you are buying a car, seeking a bathroom remodel, or want to change out the lighting in your office, it all starts with a web search. If your website is product-specific, you’re missing out on sales. If your marketing does not have a strong digital focus, you’re missing out on sales. And if your sales and channel teams are not aligned with your corporate and marketing KPIs, you’re missing out on sales. 

For nearly 20 years, the professionals at CNVRT have been guiding building product manufacturers to success. In 2020, CNVRT established a discipline specific to lighting managed by Lou Mane, a former executive with organizations that include General Electric, OSRAM, and Flextronics.

Lou has served as a trusted advisor to the lighting industry for decades.

Your lighting business offers quality products, solutions, and expertise. So how do you scale up? How do you perform like the big players out there?

Effective and reliable best practices on a digital platform allow you to deliver your message to end users, distributors, agents, and architects. All you need is the right mix of expertise.

CNVRT can guide you through exploring the wonderful possibilities of a digital ecosystem for your clients.

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