Key Results

  • Almost a 10% increase in close ratios within 6-months of launch
  • More accurate, proprietary specification presence for clearer path to sale.
  • Provided sales team with ability to see and track overall category specification activity.


Cascade Architectural, a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., designs, manufactures and sells coiled wire fabric systems with the widest range of materials, colors, and finishes. The brand provides architects and designers with woven metal products for a number of applications, including custom architectural systems, pre-engineered security gates and screens, and certified blast and projectile protection systems.


  • Cascade had a fragmented and ineffective specification approach for their products.
  • Specifications were only served through direct contact with Cascade inside sales engineering resources.
  • Specifications were outline-level, too broad and general, and included in a wide competitive set - increasing the chance for substitution.


  • Architects seek continually new product design ideas , but if the specification journey is not clear and intuitive (with the ability to work directly with a manufacturer’s technical sales support), it creates a barrier or deeper exploration into the product solution.
  • When Building owners and general contractors see a broad competitive set in the specification choices, substitution becomes a greater risk.


  • Assessed outline specifications and developed an approach to offer a robust, 3-part Master Format specification.
  • Assessed the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Master Format section and aligned a focused strategy for positioning the products in the correct and relevant sections.
  • Established the rationale for a proprietary section delineation, specific to Cascade’s unique offerings, which were accepted by the CSI.
  • Created specification formats in a “cut and paste” document, as well as a digital format using online tools making it easy for architects to consume and capture.
  • Mapped and developed specification journeys for both direct support fromCascade’s sales engineering resources, as well as online specification, which was embedded in Cascade’s digital journeys.
  • Aligned Cascade with the CSI specification digital platform and trained sales engineering on the SpecLink.