Key Results

  • 23% increase in new user website visits
  • Almost  16X higher CTR on digital advertising against benchmarks


CENTRIA is North America’s only single source for the design, engineering, and construction of high aesthetic, high performance building envelopes, contributing significantly to more innovative, energy-efficient and resilient buildings.


CENTRIA’s comprehensive, single-source solution was lacking consideration by architects due to diminished awareness and the perception of being a premium-priced solution


  • CENTRIA’s integrated metal panel systems offer a single-source, durable, high-performance solution with a broad range of aesthetic options to handle the needs of the entire building envelope – plus engineering support as needed. This allows the architect to focus on their real passion – design and creation.

Strategic Approach

  • Reposition the entire brand around the positioning platform of – “Find New Freedom to Create.”
  • Employ a hyper-targeted digital “hub & driver” approach to generate renewed awareness
  • Integrate the new positioning throughout the brand’s touchpoints
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