Key Results

16 to 1 ROI


ClosetMaid, a manufacturer of wire and wood closet and storage systems, needed a strategic marketing partner to help the company grow what they call their Building Division, a business segment that includes all sales that fall outside of retail sales to DIY consumers via big box and eCommerce.

ClosetMaid recognized that they needed an agency that understands the complexities of the professional construction industry. They hired BLD.


The housing bubble burst of 2008. The downturn, combined with the entry of new competitors into the category, was eroding ClosetMaid’s market share.


Neither ClosetMaid nor any of its competitors were effectively marketing to or serving the needs of the professional design and construction community – architects, interior designers, remodeling contractors, and builders. This was a major opportunity.

Strategic Approach

  • BLD conceived of, recommended, and helped to create and implement two new service units within the company:
    1. ClosetMaid Professional Services to serve the needs of architects, interior designers, and home builders.
    2. ClosetMaid Concierge Services to address the needs of the non-DIYer and the remodeling contractor.
  • Presented a total of 7 strategic recommendations for achieving their objectives, along with a dozen prioritized tactical initiatives required to implement these strategies, a 2-year plan, and a budget.
  • Built the digital infrastructure to serve the newly reimagined Building Division of the company, along with a custom-built CRM capturing, managing, and nurturing leads.
  • Developed an integrated advertising, native content, and PR plan.
  • Wrote content, created print and digital ads.
  • Launched a campaign to introduce the new service units to architects, interior designers, builders, and remodeling contractors.
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