Key Results

  • Year-over-year click-thru rates on programmatic digital ads increased 16X
  • 318% increase in new user site traffic year-over-year
  • PR coverage (impressions) – a total of 31 press placements totaling more than 1.5 million impressions
  • Improved emarketing open rates by 43% and CTR by 22% from benchmarks


EPRO is a leading manufacturer and expert of waterproofing and contaminant barrier systems, providing the most effective, long-term, cost-efficient, and warranted protection for buildings and their occupants against the hazards of water and contaminant intrusion into buildings.


EPRO had very limited brand awareness and minimal familiarity with their product solutions.

There are many larger, well-known competitors who offer broader and more established product portfolios that result in quicker initial consideration of those brands over EPRO.


  • Conducted qualitative research with key influencers to better understand pain points and how EPRO solves their issues better than the more well-known and considered competitors.
    • It’s not a one-size-fits all approach. Waterproofing consultants require “custom” solutions and significant counsel from experienced, trusted representatives like EPRO.
    • Building owners want a single-source solution, where a single manufacturer takes full responsibility for the job and any issues which may result.

Strategic Approach

  • Focused on enhancing key elements of the EPRO Digital Ecosystem.
  • Developed a “hub and driver” approach with a strong website experience as the hub, including lead capture and a robust resource center; combined with a highly-targeted, integrated marketing “driver” effort to raise awareness and deepen education and engagement.
  • Initiated marketing automation program to activate and nurture prospect database.
  • PR-driven stories and native ads provided overall cover and depth of story; while hyper-targeted programmatic digital ads and custom content with targeted media partners drove traffic to the newly designed website.
  • Established a new naming hierarchy to provide simple illustration of multiple product systems and their component products.
  • Leveraged the research for key message points – including testimonials- demonstrating EPRO’s timesaving, “redundant” approach, and single-source custom solutions all backed by strong warranties.