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Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Truly Aligned?

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Article Date: March 26, 2020

According to a recent Walker Sands report, 56% of salespeople and marketers claim they operate in silos, separate from their counterparts. Are the sales and marketing teams in your organization part of that 56%? Are you in the 44%, but still have room to improve? Don’t fret, there are solutions.

The building products industry is extremely complex. Research shows that 60-80% of the discovery journey for your products (which ultimately leads to a decision to engage directly) takes place without ever speaking to anyone in your company.

When building product manufacturers (BPMs) do not align sales and marketing resources to manage this journey, they develop departmental operational inefficiencies, and deliver support services to prospects and clients at the wrong time or stage in the process. Efforts like this can be frustrating for the BPM, but more importantly, frustrating for your target audiences.

Proper alignment of sales and marketing can help BPMs achieve the following:

  • Connecting roles and responsibilities between the departments that align succinctly with the way prospects are researching, sourcing, and connecting with your company.
  • Creating operational efficiencies and proper resource allocation within each department.
  • Working on the right projects, at the right time, with the right resources. This leads to more accurate forecasting, increased close ratios, and positive impacts on cash flow.
  • In our decades of serving the BPM industry, we have perfected connectivity between sales, marketing, and channel partners.

Let us show you the power of true marketing and sales alignment.


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