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BLD Marketing Integrates CNVRT into Agency Offerings

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Article Date: September 20, 2021

Former Sister Company Now an Agency Service Focused on Sales Training, Empowerment

BLD Marketing is further diversifying its service array by integrating CNVRT – formerly a sister company – into the agency’s offerings. The move differentiates BLD Marketing by adding sales consulting as a practice area available to the agency’s clients that all come from the building and construction industry.

“When we launched CNVRT as a sister company to BLD Marketing in 2018, we saw a verifiable need among building materials manufacturers (BMMs): Building a bridge between the marketing and sales functions. This gap continues to exist across a wide variety of industry sectors, and it prevents organizations from maximizing profitability and success,” added Kevin Mayer, CEO of BLD Marketing and a board member of CNVRT. “Under this new structure, CNVRT will continue to create interconnectivity amongst sales and marketing efforts for the agency’s clients in an even more synergistic way by tapping into the expertise of some of the industry’s top subject matter experts.”

BLD clients seeking a partner to empower their sales teams can choose from a wide array of CNVRT services, including sales training, the development of channel partner strategies, and proper implementation and management of a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

“In essence, the decision to fold CNVRT into BLD’s service array goes a long way toward fulfilling the consultancy’s mission: To bring marketing and sales closer together for a more holistic approach to brand development, marketing, and revenue generation for BMMs,” said David Sladack, president of BLD Marketing. “This move sets BLD even further apart as a preferred agency partner, enabling us to bring even broader expertise to bear for our clients.”

The full integration took effect on September 1, 2021.

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