For more than two decades, BLD Marketing has focused our business on providing results-based building materials marketing solutions for our clients.

Over the years, we've built our expertise deploying various building materials marketing strategy and implementation for a wide range of brands in the commercial and residential building and construction category. We've continually adapted our approach to meet fast-changing shifts in technology and digital marketing trends to provide our clients with the very best building materials marketing solutions.

Today, effective building materials marketing relies on a healthy and thriving digital marketing ecosystem that is interconnected with all its assets and activities - both digital and traditional. At BLD, we focus our building materials marketing activities on continually developing, refining, and nurturing our clients' digital marketing ecosystems. Because a healthy digital marketing ecosystem can be transformational for any building materials manufacturer's brand.

Here's what a healthy BMM digital marketing ecosystem includes:

  • A strong hub experience - your website. At BLD, one of the first steps we'll take is assessing the strength of your website from a both a SEO, UX and traffic perspective. The outcome is to fortify the customer journey path that your website delivers to ensure you have an engaging, easy-to-navigate customer experience for your brand that it is constantly populated with timely, relevant, impactful content that tells your brand's story.
  • Using campaign-based landing pages. We strongly recommend the use of focused landing pages to deliver specific, targeted messaging. The landing pages act as first points of introduction, providing focused and relevant content based on a campaign strategy. They are built with clear and motivating calls-to-action to capture contact information for lead identification and future nurturing, along with an intuitive path to the website hub for more information.
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  • A hub & driver approach. A healthy digital marketing ecosystem includes a robust set of paid and earned media drivers, like hyper-targeted media, media partnerships, published content, paid search, email, and social media. These campaign drivers provide the stimulus to drive measurable traffic to the landing pages and website “hub.”
  • Fueled by a strong content marketing strategy. A strong mix of content also serve as powerful drivers, whether it's thought leadership, industry trends, or product news. Leverage multiple formats to serve up content such as case studies, videos, white papers, published stories, infographics, and social media.
  • Nurturing with marketing automation. Once the prospects have “raised their hand,” an eMarketing strategy is designed to turn prospects into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and then ultimately sales-qualified leads (SQLs) through drip campaigns and segmented message workflows based on a lead scoring system.
  • Includes robust analytics and reporting. A healthy digital marketing ecosystem needs constant nurturing to identify what is healthy and what needs improved. Setting clear measurement goals and KPIs provides the groundwork. Creating a regular reporting structure sets a needed rigor to continually monitor, assess, diagnose, and provide the necessary improvements to ensure a high-performing, healthy digital marketing ecosystem for the brand.
  • Creates a prospect journey. One that captures a lead, develops a profile and analyzes and scores each prospect record to determine their interaction points and the path they are taking toward becoming a customer.

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