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Making the Most of Your Media Spend?

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Article Date: August 19, 2020

At BLD Marketing, we deploy a number of actions to ensure our clients’ media dollars are working as hard as they can. Here are a few examples of our approach:

1. Strategic Decision Map – At BLD, we use a 1-page road map to break down the marketing funnel stages—from awareness to education, engagement, conviction, and purchase action—to best determine the goals, activities, and investment for each stage.

2. Hub & Driver Approach – All activities are done with one goal in mind: to drive demand activity to a hub. This hub may be your website or an exclusive landing page, where calls-to-action motivate the prospect to provide more information. All driver activity is sourced and tracked to accurately gauge performance of each.

3. Considering the Entire Digital Ecosystem – We see media investment in drivers as just one component of the total digital ecosystem used to stimulate activity. At BLD, we analyze the health of the total digital ecosystem to optimize performance. This approach considers everything (paid and non-paid media) driving demand to a CX-rich hub, capturing and nurturing the prospects via strong marketing automation efforts that move prospects from marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs).

4. 70/20/10 Rule – Rule of thumb, 70% of the investment should be on proven initiatives; 20% on developing new (but tested) activities; and 10% on test-and-learn experimental programs.

5. Dashboards – Creating performance dashboards where all campaign activity and primary KPIs are aggregated and streamlined for real-time reporting.

6. Established Benchmarks – BLD focuses exclusively on the building materials manufacturer (BMM) category. This allows us to aggregate performance data for programmatic advertising, email marketing, and other drivers to establish meaningful performance benchmarks for BMM clients.

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