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What is a “Skyscraper Post” and How Does it Work?


Article Date: January 13, 2021

Here's how it works: We start by researching popular industry trends, topics, and already well-received pieces of existing content across the topic areas that your business typically covers. Then, we look for a new and unique way to create a similar message, but we do it with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. This means we use our Google-certified search tools to research and identify what search terms are most popular and most relevant. We write the article to revolve around Google website optimization best practices. The end goal is to get your website on page one of Google organic search engine results for the industry topic we identified.

Google loves popularity. By discovering existing successful content, we’ve already established that there’s a proven demand in the marketplace for this content. From here, we examine why that individual piece of content was so successful and why Google ranked the content so high in the search engines. Next, we collaborate with you and determine if you feel it applies to your business. Does it solve a problem for your readers? Is it something your audience is searching for?

Google loves trends and relativity. We know the topic is already relevant to your industry, based on our initial research. Now, our job is to take that topic and make it timely. We want to tweak the content to align with something that is trending in the industry. This increases its news value and appeal to our target audiences.

Why you’ll move up in the rankings. Google has already indexed similar existing content, so it’s telling us that this topic is both popular and relative because these articles are on page one of Google. From here, this is where BLD’s expertise in knowing Google’s best practices comes in. We know how Google indexes websites and what parts of a webpage Google emphasizes the most. It’s this knowledge that will allow us to help your website leapfrog over your competition in the search engines.

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