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Winning Sales Through Analytics

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Article Date: September 29, 2020

The interactions of building materials manufacturers with their target audiences are now taking place in a digital environment. Now that they source, research, qualify, and make early decisions on building products in the residential and commercial market segments online, the role of sales has changed.  

 No longer are building materials sales professionals needed for the early stages of product introduction because it is now occurring independently by the potential customer online. 

 This new shift to digital presents great opportunities for building materials sales teams to stage more targeted and impactful prospecting and client interaction strategies as they align their time and resources to pursue and close new business. 

 Today, digital analytics provide sales teams valuable insights into activity amongst prospects and clients as they engage digitally. Assessment and analysis of this data and online behavior provides sales teams with intelligence that is immensely valuable for sales pursuits and effective targeting.  

 Using this data effectively leads to increased close ratios and better alignment of operational resources and associated costs that the sales team needs to successfully close business. Encouraging your sales team to leverage analytics also aligns corporate objectives, marketing activities, and sales processes so you can measure return on sales, marketing, and channel investments.  

 “As we build monthly dashboards for our clients and begin to assess prospect and client activity, and then share that activity with the sales teams, there is instant connectivity in how they can use that data,” says Tysen Gannon, A&D specialist and CNVRT Consulting subject matter expert. “In the current work-from-home environment where traditional in-person networking efforts are not feasible, it has become even more important,” added Gannon. 

 CNVRT assists building materials manufacturers in the effective use of analytics for both sales and channel initiatives. These services are closely aligned with our building product focused CRM products and services.

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