Strategy & Planning

What’s your plan?

Superior results begin with a sound and strategic plan. BLD uses a series of proven methods and tools to develop your custom plan with you. The insights we uncover through our process inform positioning; target audiences and segments; messaging; customer journeys; spending allocation and more, providing a solid foundation for campaigns that produce measurable results.

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Paid media that pays off.

Part analytics, part relationship nurturing, part artistry, and a lot of experience, multi-skilled BLD media professionals develop and execute your paid media plan according to your strategic objectives. Through selection of the right combination media, including hyper-targeted programmatic advertising, SEM, and traditional and value-added products from reputable industry media partners – BLD delivers your targets effectively and cost-efficiently all while monitoring results and optimizing along the way.

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Deploying the digital marketing ecosystems you need to succeed.

From developing and deploying your website, campaign landing pages, and marketing automation platform, to maximizing your SEO and connecting your marketing initiatives to your CRM, BLD remains on the cutting edge of technology to ensure your digital marketing ecosystem is interconnected; optimized for lead generation and nurturing; and providing you with real-time metrics, marketing intelligence, and actionable insight.

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Creative that creates impact.

BLD offers everything you’d expect from an ad agency – creative strategy, integrated ad campaigns, branding, video production, writing, design… But what differentiates BLD is a wealth of experience and understanding of your customers – architects, builders, homeowners, code officials, HERS raters, designers, building owners, developers, engineers, contractors, dealers, DIYers, DIFMs, and more – and what grabs their attention, instills desire to contact us, spurs action, and cements loyalty. This is an edge our clients enjoy with an agency whose sole industry focus is theirs.

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PR & Content Marketing

Putting your brand’s story in front of the right audience.

Looking for a little direction? Our award-winning PR and content marketing team can help. At BLD, we take a directed approach to PR,building your brand’s story from the ground up to help you establish and use your publishing channels in a way that makes sense for your business. From strategic development and media relations to case studies, white papers, byline articles, crisis management, media training, and more, BLD PR and content marketing services help businesses develop a consistent, recognizable voice in the building materials industry.

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Social Media

Leveraging the benefits of social media marketing for your business.

In a constantly-changing digital world, establishing an effective B2B social media marketing strategy can be a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be. BLD social media services take the guess work out of social media marketing, offering full-service solutions that maximize impact and increase visibility from the development and implementation stages all the way through to monitoring and optimization to put your brand front and center.

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Market Research

Market research that knows its mark.

Today, access to data analytics is at anyone’s fingertips. But when it comes to uncovering growth opportunities in the building materials market, industry experience matters. At BLD, we have decades of that, which we leverage alongside today’s most effective building products market research methods to discover new insights, stay on top of trends, and drive growth.

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