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Full-Service Strategic Marketing for the Building/Construction Category

BLD Marketing is a digitally focused, full-service strategic marketing firm. We specialize exclusively in the commercial and residential building materials and construction category. Our approach, whether for an individual project or developing a comprehensive marketing plan, is straightforward – articulate the objectives, uncover meaningful insights, and provide impactful ideas that produce results. In short, our mission is building brand leaders.

Today, effective building products marketing relies on a healthy and thriving digital marketing ecosystem that is interconnected with all its assets and activities – both digital and traditional – and many of our services are geared toward this end.

Brand Development & Strategy

BLD Marketing offers professionals with deep category experience who know what a real brand strategy looks like for the building and construction category. We utilize a suite of planning tools to define audience profiles and behavior that map out their customer journeys and paths to purchase. Our services include brand planning, positioning, competitive audits, and marketing research.

Creative Ideation, Messaging & Execution

Ideas and messaging are at the root of what we do at BLD. It’s how we make our building materials clients stand out in a sea of sameness. Our ideas are developed from a foundation of insights uncovered in the planning process and are connected to a performance benchmark. We launch, monitor and evaluate all of our messaging to determine how well it performs. We call this Creativity with a Purpose. We regularly develop message platforms with legs to carry through into hyper-targeted digital ads, print ads, landing pages, websites, videos, emails, infographics, connected and streaming television, downloadable data sheets and brochures, and more.

Digital Marketing

Building materials marketing is now defined by a thriving digital marketing ecosystem. There is no other way. At BLD, we continually adapt our approach to meet fast-changing shifts in technology and digital marketing trends to provide our client with the very best building materials marketing digital solutions. A digital marketing ecosystem consists of the brand’s website as a hub, but includes the use of focused, campaign-based landing pages, a “hub & driver” approach which utilizes many forms of digital media and content to drive traffic, provides a strong CRM and marketing automation platform to capture and nurture leads, includes a robust measurement protocol, and creates a clean customer journey which easily flows an inquiring prospect to a rich, engaging journey to become a customer. At BLD, we infuse technology and digital strategy at every level of our client engagements to maximize these journeys and nurture a healthy digital marketing ecosystem for our building materials clients.

Content Marketing & Public Relations

Are you telling a compelling story – about your company, your people, your products, your innovations, and how you differentiate yourself in the building and construction industry? BLD’s award-winning, full-service PR/content marketing team has deep experience in the building materials space. We will help you find your voice and tell your story through careful planning and meticulous execution. From strategic development and media relations to case studies, white papers, byline articles, social media, crisis management, media training, and more, we’re ready to build your brand’s story from the ground up so you get noticed. Learn more about BLD Marketing PR/content marketing.

Performance Marketing

BLD is a results-oriented marketing firm which employs a rigorous performance mindset to all digital campaigns. From the onset, we establish clear measurement goals and relevant KPIs to shape campaign expectations. Once the campaign begins, BLD creates a regular performance reporting structure to continually monitor, assess, diagnose and recommend improvements to ensure a high-performing, healthy digital marketing ecosystem is maintained for our clients’ brands.

Channel Development & Enablement

Big-box, two-step distribution, independent reps, or all of the above. Ultimately, to a greater or lesser extent, our clients rely on their channels for sales. Whether seeking new channels, channel optimization, channel harmony, or enabling channels with the right training and tools for maximum success with a brand, BLD provides clients with channel solutions tailored to meet any challenge.

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